No spoiler: ‘All my friends are Superheroes’ by Andrew Kaufman

I promise, I won’t spoil anything for those who are still reading the book or those who want to read it. And those who haven’t considered yet to have a look at the book: Do it!

Anyway, and there is no surprise, the book is about superheroes. Without mentioning the main story it is about, I can say that the author nicely describes that every single one of us has superpowers. It might not even be something we like about ourselves – just something we are very good in. It is also written, that despite our (good or bad) powers, we are nothing special. We all have to get up in the morning and dress ourselves.

Where are my thoughts about this now… So, having read this very strange piece of writing, I started thinking about all these words. It is very true that everyone is good in something. However, no one would ever consider a ‘bad habit’ as a superpower. Many people don’t even recognise their bad habits at all. It’s nothing I judge. None of us likes to have something bad about them, it’s human. It’s also human to not be perfect though. Buut, calling these imperfections ‘superpowers’ is a completely different story than just not accepting them.
I personally do actually like those extremes – because they leave you thinking. You ponder about ‘No, that’s not a superpower’ – followed by a big ‘well, mayyyybe…’. I’m getting confusing now, I guess. But well, maybe that’s my superpower – I confuse people at times 😉

My point is, that it is very interesting to reflect on one’s own superpowers – the good, bad and ugly ones.
How would other people describe me?
Which habit do I show on a very frequent base?
What am I particularly good in?
And, and that’s the point: What am I particularly bad in?

However, in a way it doesn’t really matter, does it? For the simple reason that in the end we are all the same, as Kaufman says as well: People, getting up in the morning, going after some kind of work, wondering about different things, going to bed at night. So, in a way nobody is a superhero, and yet, in a way, everybody is.

Take care! xxx





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