Love is like basil

I did not intend to write this – it just came across my mind as many other things. And since it ended up being a thought which is in my head for longer than the usual one minute, I had to devote a blog post to it.

Love is a funny thing, isn’t it?

First of all, suddenly you decide to spend a lot of time with someone you got to know at some point. You just think “Hey, that feels legit” and end up spending a remarkable amount of life time with this one person who was a complete stranger for very long. And still sort of is a stranger as you’ll never know someone entirely – it’s a completely different person after all. And it’s not you.

Secondly, and that’s what this post is about, love is like a basil. At this point it might need more of an explanation. You know, I bought some basil. It’s something amazing. It smells nice and makes most of the dishes I am eating sooo much better. But it needs a damn lot of water and care, otherwise it would just die. And you would need to say good bye.
Now you know what I’m up to, I guess: The caring thing. Basil needs water every day, not just at some point when you see that it’s about to die (Then it might be too late anyway) – every day. Depending on the weather maybe even several times a day. It’s not enough to be happy, that you have the basil in order to pluck some leaves whenever you feel like your dish needs it. In order for the basil to keep making you happy and provide you with its leaves, you have to give water. It’s a reciprocal process – giving and taking on both sides.

You want love, give love. You give love, you get love (Not always, I know). And love is a lot more than having someone waiting for you at home and not being alone. It’s the actual care for the other person and the most precious things you have with this person: love and safety.

There even is a Buddhist saying (which I don’t know if it’s an actual Buddhist saying, but this doesn’t diminish its value):

What is the difference between ‘I like you’ and ‘I love you’?
When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily.

Could be my words 😉

As I said, just a thought that stayed in my mind for longer.

Take care! xxx


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