How Brexit shaped my identity

Brexit. I am pretty sure that all of you heard enough about this topic. Too much even. People probably went through the Kübler-Ross model (or are about to) – the five stages of grief: Denial – Anger – Bargaining – Depression – Acceptance..

I guess that I am at the stage of acceptance. It’s politics and I personally was not able to do anything about it. I am from Germany, as you know, and was not supposed to have any say in this. Fair enough, after all it’s not ‘my country’. And that’s where it hits me actually. Not that I have ever thought that the UK is my country, but now I definitely was being made sure of the fact that it isn’t.

I came to the UK for several reasons. And I never considered myself as too much of a foreigner. Or even an immigrant. It’s free movement in the EU – so I’ve seen myself as a citizen of the EU. With all the rights and obligations that come with it. Just as every EU citizen has. I enjoyed not to carry my passport around with me all the time. This might change in future.

Not that it will change for sure. Nobody really knows. But even if nothing changes, it changed my identity. Now I know how it feels to be considered as a foreigner, as an immigrant. Maybe not the worst thing to experience. Thousands of people have it even worse – I mean, I am at least having a job here and a nice flat. But it changed something. And for a lot of people it changes something even more.

Take care! xxx

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